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Coach Mo Says: "3 Reasons for God's Redirection"

When God says no or when He redirects you to something new and unexpected, it may not always feel good, or look like what you expected or even desired, but it’s for your good. There are many reasons why God redirects us or tells us no, but here are 3 reasons (from my own personal experiences) why God often redirects us:

1. Alignment

You were out of alignment in an area of your life and He’s bringing you back to the rightful place, position, and/or posture that brings you into alignment for that area of your life.

2. Purpose

You were out of purpose and God is redirecting you into His purpose for your life. Note: At times your assignments may change, but your purpose will always remains the same.

3. Protection

You were in danger or in harm’s way, or you were out of the will of God, and God allowed doors to close or removed you from the place or the situation or from around those people to protect you.


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