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Sunday Message: God Will Not Bless Who You Aren't Created to Be

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

In this journey of becoming a multifaceted Christian creative, entrepreneur, and change agent, I’ve learned many, many lessons…and most of these lessons I had to learn the hard way because I was emotionally and spiritually immature, and stubborn and strong-willed However, in this season of my life where God is literally leading me and taking me by the hand to launch new God-ordained things, God is continuously proving to me that He will provide what He ordains. He is also showing me what it’s like to do something WITH HIM from the start, versus doing something WITHOUT HIM from the start and then asking Him to bless what I was doing. (Been there, done that plenty of times before and I failed miserably!) I’ve also learned the following:

  • God won’t bless who you want to be…if it’s outside of His will and plans for your life.

  • God can’t bless who you think you should be…based upon your own soulish desires, fantasies, or imaginations.

  • God won’t bless who others think you should or tell you that you should be.

  • God CAN and WILL bless who He created, pre-destined, and purposed YOU to be.

BONUS: Purpose is often birthed from pain. Your tests will be your testimony. What you are going through now is not all about you. God has a way of using the most tumultuous, trying, challenging, and painful things that we go through to bless, encourage, and/or minister to someone else who is going through what you just went through, survived, and overcame.

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